1.8L Pressure Induction Heating Rice Cooker/Warmer

$1,480.00 $2,088.00
Picture of 1.8L Pressure Induction Heating Rice Cooker/Warmer
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1.8L Pressure Induction Heating Rice Cooker/Warmer

$1,480.00 $2,088.00

Delicious rice and variety of menus with time-saving cooking

Development of the technology about ceramic coating and double pressure realize delicious rice.

Time-saving menus will make daily dishes delicious even though you are busy.

1. The secret for deliciousness
"Heat storage","heat power" and "high temperature" realize delicious rice.

2. Ceramic coating
Outside and inside of the inner pot are coated by ceramic materials. A powerful heat by the heat storage function and far-infrared effect bring out the sweetness and chewy texture of rice!

3. Wide induction heating
Widen the heated dimension by IH heater increases the calorific value and brings out the sweetness of rice.

4. Variable double pressure cooking
High temperature boiling
1.25atm : more than 106°C
High temperature steaming 1.05atm : more than 100°C
High temperature from the variable double pressure cooks rice evenly and realizes its chewy texture.

5. 5-layer far-infrared pot (2.5mm thickness)
It makes rice fluffy from the core and realizes perfectly cooked rice by conducting heat rapidly throughout the pot.

6. "Express Limited cup" menu
The developing of heat technology realizes "Express Limited cup" menu.
- 5.5 cups : 17 min for 1 cup
- 10 cups : 20 min for 2 cups
You can enjoy the freshly cooked delicious rice whenever you want.

7. Various cooking menus
- Multigrain, Porridge, Mixed Rice, Sweet Rice, Brown Rice, Sushi Rice, Cake
You can enjoy various menus for every dining scenes by only using this model.

8. 15 min time-saving recipes
By incorporating technology to heat up quickly, we made it possible to cook a time-saving dish in 15 minutes.

9. 15-minute time-saving recipes that can be cooked using JPT
- Crab and Tofu with starchy sause
- Boiled sweet salted salmon and Chinese yam with Japanes Flavor
- Mapo tofu
- Chicken and shimeji mushrooms simmered in tomato soup
- Gypza soup
- Clam curry chowder
- Risotto-style prawns and mushrooms with tomato cream sauce
- Avocado salmon omelet
- French toast

10. Glossy inner lid
Adopts processing with hydrophilic effects on the inner lid. It ensures quick evaporation and eliminates unnecessary moisture during heating by preventing the formation of water droplets and forming a thin film instead. It also keeps the rice warm, moist and shiny by forming a film of water on the inner lid surface while keeping it warm, It prevents dripping as it prevents the formation of water droplets.

11. Easy to clean
Three parts to be cleaned
- Inner pot
- Inner lid
- Detachable steam cap (inner/outer)

12. Easy-to-clean embossed frame
Easy-to-clean embossed frame which makes sticky rice soup come off easily.

Made in Japan
Warranty 2 years