1L Tacook Induction heating Rice Cooker

$599.00 $1,039.00
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1L Tacook Induction heating Rice Cooker

$599.00 $1,039.00

The Tiger JKT-S multi-functional Induction Heating (IH) alongside Tiger's latest Rice Cooker technology - Tacook is going to bring a whole new perspective to meal preparation using a rice cooker.

With the powerful IH system that generates high heat of up to 130℃ and 115℃ steaming process, it maximizes the flavor and texture of the rice allowing it to be cooked to perfection.

JKT’s unique 2.5mm 8-layered inner pot consists of 5-layer metal with 3-layer clay pot coating that enhances the induction heating; moisturising every single grain of rice and locks in the natural sweetness.

With TACOOK function, healthy meals will be ready in an hour with a touch of a button. There is no need to cook separately anymore as one function does it all.

Find out more by clicking on the link: https://youtu.be/aGtpMi1WfjM

*Exclusive Cookbook included

- Made in Japan
- Micro Computerized Technology with Induction Heating
- 4-In-1 rice cooker - Rice, Synchro Cooking, Steaming and Slow-Cooking
- 12 cooking menu setting: Plain Rice, Ultra, Eco, Quick Cook, Synchro-Cooking,Brown Rice, Sweet / Mixed, Porridge, Steam, Slow Cook, GABA Plus and Long-grain
- LCD control panel with timer for Preset Function
- Tiger Exclusive - Removable Lid for easy and thorough cleaning
-2.5mm inner pot- 5 layer metal + 3 layer clay pot coating
- Detachable Steam Release vent for easy cleaning
- Stainless Steel Plated top surface

- Capacity: 1L (5.5cups)
- Voltage: 220-230V ( 50/60Hz)
- Power: 1080W
- Size / Weight: 26cm x 35.4cm x 21.3cm / 4.5kg
- Gross Weight: 6.2kg
- Accessories: Cooking plate ( BPA free ), Measuring Cup, Rice Spatula, Soup Ladle and Exclusive Cook Book