Advanced Génifique Serum Eye Cream - 15ml

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Advanced Génifique Serum Eye Cream - 15ml


Wake your eyes up for a youthful look with Advanced Génifique Yeux Eye Cream.

Every day, lack of sleep, pollution and external aggressions may contribute to premature signs of aging and dark circles.

The solution? Our most advanced youth activating eye cream – proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and dehydration.

Look wide awake as if you had a good night sleep.

All the science of Génifique has been concentrated in this eye cream: 14 years of research, a formula that has been patented until 2029, more than 150 international beauty awards, proven compatibility for all women, regardless of skin type, age and ethnicity.

Signs of ageing:
Texture: 100%*
Wrinkles: 100%*
Uniformity: 100%*
Moisturised: 100%*
Elasticity: 100%*

Signs of fatigue:
Puffiness: 80%*
Dark circles: 100%*
Luminosity: 100%*
Freshness: 100%*
Softness: 100%*

*% of women who see improvement. Based on self-assessment of 49 women after 4 weeks of use.

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