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Bottle & Dish Liquid - Fragrance Free - 500ml

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Aleva Naturals

Bottle & Dish Liquid - Fragrance Free - 500ml


A unique, plant-based and fragrance free formula that safely cleans bottles, cups, breast pumps, bowls and all feeding accessories. It is gentle on skin yet tough on dirt. The dish liquid suds quickly and rinses easily leaving no streaks, spots or residue.

Product Description
This Bottle & Dish Liquid is a safe and effective formula for cleaning those baby-specific messes that are often left behind after mealtime. When the sink fills up with food mush on cutlery and dishes, milk film on bottles, cups, and breast-pumps, our fragrance-free Bottle & Dish Liquid is the baby-safe solution for a pure and powerful clean.
The unique blend of emulsifier and cleansers derived from coconut oil, penetrates grease while organic aloe vera leaves your hand feeling soft. No more worrying about harsh chemicals and toxic residues on baby's feeding accessories.

Dispense required amount onto the dish and sponge, lather and rise thoroughly with clean, fresh water.

Store at room temperature.

Safety Tips
Avoid contact with eyes. For external Use only. Keep out of reach of Children

*Certified Organic

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