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Capers in Brine

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Capers in Brine


Capers in Brine by La Sota (100gr.)

*Spanish premium capers

*Hand harvested and carefully chosen from only the finest capparis plant in the Mediterranean coast

*Natural and flavorful

*Ideal for salads, fish, pasta, pizzas


The caper is the flower bud of the Capparis Spinosa, a wild shrub that grows along the Mediterranean coast of Spain. The flower buds last only a few hours, and must be picked by hand in the morning and immediately pickled. Finally they are placed in white wine vinegar brine, ready to add flavor to your next dish.

Use: These capers add a unique tang to salads, sauces, meat, seafood, poultry, or as a garnish to your favorite dish.

Ingredients:Capers, water, salt, vinegar. Pasteurized. Gluten free,

Storage: Store: Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight and warm surfaces. Once opened, refrigerate and consume within a few days.

Size available: 100gr. Glass Jar