CTX - 26cm/3.7L Covered Deep Sauté Pan

$304.85 $469.00
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CTX - 26cm/3.7L Covered Deep Sauté Pan

$304.85 $469.00

Products in the CTX range are manufactured at our factory in Denmark.

The series is suited for all cooktops, including induction. The CTX range is constructed with performance and functionality in focus. Each product is built of 5 layers, each one with its own function - among them steel for durability and induction compatibility and an aluminium core due to its excellent heat conductivity. In addition to the user-friendly features given by materials, construction and production technique, pans and pots from the CTX series are formed in true Danish design with an exterior of satin finish steel in sharp contrast to the black interior.

A sauté pan with extra high edges that make this pan very suitable for dishes that need stirring.

It also has a good frying surface for browning meat.

The deep sauté pan comes with a lid, making it perfect for simmering.

Also use it for baking - it is oven safe up to 260°C.

And don't forget that it has our famous STRATANIUM non-stick coating, which makes cleaning a walk in the park.

Give your SCANPAN STRATANIUM non stick a good life
- Always clean with detergent and hot water
- Avoid quick heating and cooling

- STRATANIUM non-stick coating - hard-wearing and easy to clean
- Optimum and even heat distribution, 5-layer construction - joy in the kitchen every day
- Ovenproof up to 260°C - lots of applications
- Made in Denmark
- Dishwasher Safe
- For induction and all other cooktops
- Steel lid with practical glass middle

Size: 49x30x12cm
Weight: 2.65kg

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