Kobe Fugetsudo

Desserts Choisis 13 pcs

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Kobe Fugetsudo

Desserts Choisis 13 pcs


Desserts Choisis is a selection of six popular varieties. Prepared in a paper box, ideal for home use or as a small gift.

Assorted 13 Cookies in Gift Box
2 x Jam Top (Raspberry)
2 x Roll Slice Rouge
2 x Matcha Cookie
3 x Cheil Leysin
2 x Cafe Cookie
2 x Damier

Jam Top (Raspberry) - Vanilla × Raspberry jam
Delicious raspberry jam at the centre of a vanilla cookie.

Roll Slice Rouge - Pie x Almond
Baked cookies with almond slices in a flaky pie crust.

Matcha Cookie - Matcha × Almond
Crushed almonds combine with the slight bitterness of Matcha tea.

Cheil Leysin - Raisin × Rum
Raisin cookies, slightly scented with rum.

Cafe Cookie - Coffee × White Chocolate
Rye flour blends with the fragrance of coffee and the mild sweetness of white chocolate chips.

Damier - Cocoa × Plain
Baked cocoa and plain cookie dough in a checkerboard pattern.