Dr. Hauschka

Dr Hauschka Cleansing Cream

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Dr. Hauschka

Dr Hauschka Cleansing Cream


Offers to renew, refreshing care to the skin
The distinct formulation of our Cleansing Cream makes it a very special product. Mixed with a little water between your hands, the Cleansing Cream starts to soften and you start to experience its entire spectrum of effects: Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Cream cleanses and gently exfoliates, regulating and balancing, refining and revitalizing your complexion. We recommend using this as a basic cleansing product in the morning and evening.

Suitable for daily gentle cleansing and care
Preserves the skin's natural hydro-lipid barrier (has a slight moisturizing effect)
Revitalizes the skin and stimulates its self-cleansing powers
Reduces the formation of blackheads and binds sebum
Helps skin become soft and delicate
Refines pores and normalizes hardened skin
Prepares you well for oil-free night care
Free of surfactants Skin Condition
For all skin conditions

Special Features
Cleansing preparation based on finely-milled certified organic sweet almond, enriched with herbs (including calendula, witch hazel, St. John’s wort, and kidney vetch)
The medicinal plant composition has a regulating, balancing effect on all excessive skin reactions (e.g. in inflamed, purulent, eczematous, nervous, and blotchy skin). Exceptions may be sensitive skin, reddened skin, or skin that is prone to soreness
The Cleansing Cream is not an exfoliant! Exfoliants disturb the healthy 28-day regeneration cycle of the epidermis and result in an increased tendency towards hard skin. The skin then becomes dry, flaky, and sensitive
Not a make-up remover! Use Soothing Cleansing Milk for this.