Miso Ramen Soup Ginger Noodle

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Miso Ramen Soup Ginger Noodle


* Takashimaya Limited * *First Time Arrival in Singapore*

Product Description:

Miso ramen with shiitake soup stock from 菜道-Saido, a popular vegan restaurant in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo. Please enjoy with ginger noodles.

  • 300g per pack
  • 200g Soup

How to eat:

Heat the soup in hot water for 15 minutes without opening the frozen bag.
Please enjoy the soup with the noodles boiled for about 2 to 3 minutes.

Product Details:

Ingredients: Miso ramen soup: Miso, shiitake mushrooms, date syrup, soy sauce (non-fat soybean, wheat, salt, soybean), ginger, sesame oil, neri sesame, cornstarch, salt, sugar ice, mushroom powder, raayu, sugar

Ginger noodle: Mixed flour (Japan), wheat flour, starch, ginger powder, salt, chlorella extract, chlorella extract / modified starch, lye water

Storage and shelf life: 3 months from the shipment

Storage condition: Keep frozen (-15℃)

Country of origin: Japan

Halal Certification: F180515-1-CRX


The delivery date for this product will be

Friday 26th November ・ Saturday 27th November ・Monday 29th November

The products will be delivered from Tokyo by air.