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Ayu No Ichiyabosi (Dried Ayu)

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Kitchen Mai

Ayu No Ichiyabosi (Dried Ayu)


* Takashimaya Limited * *First Time Arrival in Singapore*

Product Description:

If you roast it lightly, you can even enjoy the bones. By soaking the young Ayu sweetfish in salt water and drying it, the flavor is condensed tightly, and you can enjoy the aroma of sweetfish as "scented fish."

  • 50g per pack

How to eat:

Heat it in hot water for 1 minute without opening the frozen bag.
After thawing, grill it slightly for about 1 to 2 minutes.
Be careful not to overcook it. Line the bottom with aluminum foil to avoid scorching it.

Product Details:

Ingredients: Ayu (Sweetfish), salt

Storage and shelf life: 1 year from the shipment

Storage condition: Keep frozen (-15℃)

Country of origin: Japan

Halal Certification: WH/6376/JP


The delivery date for this product will be

Friday 26th November ・ Saturday 27th November ・Monday 29th November

The products will be delivered from Tokyo by air.