Kanebo The Cream Foundation - 30ml

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Kanebo The Cream Foundation - 30ml


Sublime beauty of being authentic.
A luxuriously rich foundation with the ultimate sensorial touch. Inspired by the unique concept of “Perfection of Imperfection”, the exquisitely creamy formula enhances your individuality with delicately precise coverage, which leads to your authentic clarity.
SPF15 (SPF10 for OCHRE A)

Technology – Shift Change Effect Formulation
This formula immediately blends onto the skin in two phases, providing precise application to the targeted area to correct. The pinpoint buildable coverage from the first touch seamlessly melts into your skin for a sophisticated finish.

Technology - Elastic Gloss Film
The film, which has a lustrous glow, moves in harmony with your skin for a beautiful lasting finish.

Eternity Bouquet Fragrance
At the heart of our exceptional base makeup, the iconic element Teatopia, with its elegant white floral bouquet fragrance. Curated for a sense of modern luxury, feel its embrace as it calms both your skin and mind.

Clear Botanical Complex
The common ingredients of KANEBO THE EXCEPTIONAL skincare are included.
Pear Juice Ferment Filtrate
Watercress Extract
Geranium Robertianum Extract
Aqua Glucoside