La Mer

La Mer The Moisturizing Matte Lotion - 50ml

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La Mer

La Mer The Moisturizing Matte Lotion - 50ml


• Helps heal dryness
• Fine dry lines look diminished.
• Skin becomes softer, smoother and more flawless
• Gives skin a more matte finish
• Revitalizes the look of skin and helps restore a natural, balanced appearance
• Suitable for sensitive skin. 

The Miracle Broth™
The legendary healing energies of The Miracle Broth™ help bring skin back to its center. A powerful and proven source of soothing and energy for skin, Miracle Broth helps optimize skin’s performance by visibly soothing irritation and ‘recharging’ skin’s battery to support skin’s natural powers of renewal. It’s an experience unique to every complexion. 

Lime Tea
Our exclusive Lime Tea is a propriety antioxidant powerhouse that is the ideal complement to the Miracle Broth. 

The Mattifying Mesh Network
Proprietary delivery system shrinks the inner core of the Soft Lotion Capsules™, surrounds them with a larger, soft gel outer layer coated in a blend of clay, algae powder and sea minerals. Delivers moisture deep into skin’s surface while leaving skin with a soft, more matte finish.

Press a small amount between your fingertips and press gently into skin on face and neck