Buggy Board Maxi

$79.00 $129.00
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Buggy Board Maxi

$79.00 $129.00

The BuggyBoard® Maxi gives your child a smooth, safe ride, and full manoeuvrability for you, and it adds an extra-large anti-slip platform, higher ground clearance and a superior suspension to the Mini’s great design. This gives you extra room for your feet, total control over rough ground, and secure grip for your child .

- For tired toddlers - Perfect for kids between 2 to 6 years old weighing up to 22kg (48lb), BuggyBoard® is smart, safe and practical. This clever board positions your child between your arms for extra security even in the busiest places. And when your child is tired, they can simply hop on-board, and you won’t be slowed down
- The ultimate pushchair add-on - Smart, universal and user-friendly, the Lascal BuggyBoard® easily fits to your pram or buggy, giving tired toddlers a safe, practical lift. With a clever Lascal easy-fit system, you can connect the board to almost any single or double buggy. That includes strollers, 3-wheelers, travel systems, prams and pushchairs.
- BuggyBoard® makes it easier - Safely positioned between your arms, BuggyBoard® provides security for your child in crowds and high traffic areas. When your child is too tired to walk, when you are in a hurry, BuggyBoard® makes it easier.

9 Reason to choose the BuggyBoard® Maxi
1) Fits any buggy - Our patented Lascal Easy-fit™ connection system allows the BuggyBoard® to fit to every type of buggy.
2) Safe and secure - A large anti-slip surface, side protection frame and a firm, comfortable platform keeps your child safely on-board
3) Absolute manoeuvrability - Big wheels and a wide platform gives you all the foot room you need and makes it easy to walk behind the BuggyBoard® Maxi.
4) Quick release - Connect and disconnect the board with just one push of a button.
5) Super-smooth suspension- The Max-COMFORT™ suspension system helps you glide over bumps and kerbs
6) High visibility - Specially designed reflective paint makes you clearly visible, even at night
7) Saddle - can be fixed fuss-free with a specially designed easy-fit clamp (sold separately)
8) Just lift and store - Simply hook the board up ot of the way when not in use.
9) Tested and Approved - For your child’s safety. The BuggyBoard® is tested and approved by SGS. We cover the European Standard EN1888:2012 Clause 6.1.1- 6.1.5,, 17.3, 18.2 and 21.4. Every single component is tested to meet the standard for kid’s products according to REACH (EU) and CPSIA (U.S.).

Check your stroller compatibility to the buggyboard here: http://www.buggyboard.info/en/fitting-guide/index