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Lemongrass Honey Vinegar 420ml

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Herbs Family

Lemongrass Honey Vinegar 420ml


The founder of HERBS FAMILY is a couple from Yunlin, Taiwan, who loves flowers and herbs. There are many benefits of herbs towards the well-being of human being. With the passion, they are committed to the innovative research and development of herbs, starting from planting, processing and all the way to marketing. It is with the hope that more people will have the opportunity to come to know about the goodness of flowers and herbs.

All the while adhering to the principles of “healthy and natural”, Herbs Family strive to bring the goodness of herbs in its best possible form to consumers.

The products won several awards from Japan and Taiwan, and successfully entered the matured herbs market in Europe and America.

Consumption Methods:

1) Consume direct from the bottle

2) Dilute in 5 parts of water (1 part of vinegar to 5 parts of water)

3) As healthy salad dressing

4) Meat marinate (as meat tenderizer)

Ingredients: Natural Apple Vinegar, Natural Honey, Natural Lemongrass.

Weight: 420ml

Origin: Made in Taiwan