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Perilla (Shiso) Concentrate

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Gano Well

Perilla (Shiso) Concentrate


1 bot - $69.90

2 bots - $130.00

This natural Perilla (shiso) concentrate drink contains essence from more than 500 leaves of green perilla in one bottle. The perilla are from manufacturer's own perilla plantation in Kumamoto, Japan. This product has received many awards including iTQi. It tastes pleasant and refreshing.


*Help to ease asthma and eczema conditions
*Improve skin health
*Lower risk of heart disease

Volume: 720ml

Place of Origin: Kumamoto, Japan

Direction for Use: Recommended to drink 30-60ml each time, 1 to 3 times daily. Dilute it with 3-5 times of water upon drinking. It can also be mix with shochu and whisky for cocktails.

Ingredients: Beet granulated sugar, Green perilla, Red perilla, Acidic ingredient (citric acid)

Storage: Room temperature. Avoid direct sunlight.
Once opened put in the fridge, should consume as soon as possible.