Protein MCT Shake Chocolate (3 sachets)

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Protein MCT Shake Chocolate (3 sachets)


Hectic mornings and busy schedules can make it tough to stick to your health goals, leading to skipping meals or unhealthy food choices. Poor nutritional habits may compromise your health and trigger unnecessary health complications over time.



  • Formulated with a good balance of macronutrients and an excellent source of high-quality protein
  • Provides the essential amino acids needed to build and maintain body tissues
  • Contains 400mg of Medium Chain Triglycerides (beneficial fats) from coconut oil to keep you feeling energised and satisfied – a convenient way to get balanced nutrition on-the-go
  • Crafted with delicious cocoa powder and natural milk chocolate flavour to give a smooth and chocolatey finish that keeps you coming back for more!
  • Perfect as a nutritious snack any time of the day, pre or post workout nutrition or simply as a breakfast on-the-go
  • No preservatives, artificial flavours and lacto-vegetarian friendly
  • Halal certified


  • Boost metabolism and enhance your calorie-burning throughout the day 
  • Improve brain alertness and energy level with MCT
  • Suitable for those who need a boost of quality nutrition, including weight watchers, athletes and seniors, to help fuel a healthy body