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Super Propolis 蜂寿露

$243.00 $270.00
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Gano Well

Super Propolis 蜂寿露

$243.00 $270.00

The Super Propolis is extracted by using the advanced Supercritical CO2 Extraction method. The extraction rate is 17% only that takes out the super essence of propolis. It's pure, effective and easy to be absorbed. Moreover combined with other 8 natural ingredients, it brings out the best of all to enhance one's health.


*Regulate sugar and cholesterol level
*Enhance immunity
* Help to ease hay fever and periodontal conditions

Place of Origin: Tokyo, Japan

Main Ingredients: Propolis, Royal Jelly, Oligosacchairde, Yeast, Honey, Pollen, Rooibos tea extracts, Rosa Roxburghii extracts, Sasa Veitchii extracts

Direction: Take 10 to 20 tablets daily

Main Ingredients:

This product contains below 9 types of natural ingredients:
1. Propolis
Antibacterial , anti-tumour, anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory.
2. Royal Jelly
Anti-aging, skin care and increase the metabolism
3. Oligosacchairde
acts as a prebiotic, providing good bacteria in the gut.
4. Yeast
keeps your digestive system healthy and in balance, yeast can help you absorb vitamins and minerals from your food, and even fight chronic disease.
5. Honey
Boost energy, promote proper digestion and optimal intestinal health, honey has been used for a long time as an all-natural skin treatment because of its nourishing and the antibacterial properties.
6. Pollen
Anti-tumor, soothing the skin, increase metabolism and delay aging, strengthen blood vessels, improves blood circulation and decrease the risk of heart disease.
7. Rooibos tea extracts
Rich in antioxidants, improve heart health and help to balance blood sugar level.
8. Rosa Roxburghii (sweet chestnut rose) extracts
Known as “Elixir of Life”, high antioxidant, anti-aging and enhance immunity, and protect against diseases associated with the coronary artery and nervous system.
9.Sasa Veitchii (Kuma bamboo grass) extracts
It has been taken as a folk remedy for diabetes and hypertension, it also relieves stress and anxiety, it may be helpful to detoxify our body and provide anti-tumor