TechnIQ - 22cm/2.8L The Windsor/Saucepan (Induction)

$204.75 $315.00
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TechnIQ - 22cm/2.8L The Windsor/Saucepan (Induction)

$204.75 $315.00

We collaborated with professional chefs and the designers to create SCANPAN’s first line of commercial-grade nonstick cookware for everyday cooking.

The SCANPAN TechnIQ series combines fresh, modern designs for better performance, more even cooking and ergonomic comfort with SCANPAN’s revolutionary STRATANIUM+ coating – the most durable non-stick finish available.

Perfect for reducing sauces and stock.

Why? The high, slanted sides produce a large surface area, which makes the liquid reduce quickly – a BBQ sauce will for instance thicken super-fast. The flared sides also make stirring and whisking easy.

The Windsor can of course also serve as a regular saucepan for preparing food e.g. porridge and small portions in general.

Lid can be bought as an accessory.

Give your STRATANIUM+ non-stick a good life
- Always clean with detergent and hot water
- Avoid quick heating and cooling

- Commercial Grade PFOA Free STRATANIUM+ non-stick
- Hand/Squeeze casted ensures even and quick heat distribution
- Made in Denmark
- Remarkably easy to clean
- Dishwasher & Metal utensil safe
- Exceptional release and searing using no or minimal oil
- Oven safe to +260 °C
- 10 Year Warranty against manufacturing faults
- Suitable for all cooktops, including induction

Size: 45x24x14cm
Weight: 1.42kg

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