Gano Well

The Gift of Jingle

$250.00 $308.00
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Gano Well

The Gift of Jingle

$250.00 $308.00

Gift of Jingle hamper contains :
1. Japanese Yuzu Vinegar (720ml)
2. Japanese Perilla Concentrate (720ml)
3. Premium Australian Liqueurs (375ml)
4. Organic Lingzhi Powder (1.5g X 15)
5. Lingzhi Latte (21g X 15)

1. Japanese Yuzu Vinegar (720ml)
Yuzu is an excellent source of Vitamins etc. nutrients , which is vital to a strong & healthy immunity, skin care and heart health. Yuzu Vinegar drink can be consumed daily.
It helps for :
- Digestive system protection
- Detoxification & weight control
- Reliving joint pain
- Antioxidants & anti-aging
- Reducing the risk of getting heart disease
Direction :
Dilute it with 3 times of still or sparkling water to preferred taste and enjoy either at room temperature or iced.
Enjoy this refreshing Yuzu vinegar at any time of the day or make salad dressing! Refrigerate after opening, and consume as soon as possible.

2. Japanese Perilla(shiso) Concentrate (720ml)
This natural Perilla (shiso) concentrate drink contains essence from more than 500 leaves of green perilla in one bottle. The perilla are from manufacturer's own perilla plantation in Kumamoto, Japan. This product has received many awards including iTQi. It tastes pleasant and refreshing.

*Help to ease asthma and eczema conditions
*Improve skin health
*Lower risk of heart disease
Place of Origin : Kumamoto, Japan

Direction for Use:
Recommended to drink 30-60ml each time, 1 to 3 times daily.
Dilute it with 3-5 times of water upon drinking.
It can also be mix with shochu and whisky for cocktails.

Storage : Room temperature. Avoid direct sunlight.
Once opened put in the fridge, should consume as soon as possible.

3. Premium Australian Liqueurs (375ml)
Alcohol Content 17.5%
One of below 4 types will be picked up at random
- Moffatdale Moonshine
A delicate white port, made by a process of fortifying grape juice with aged brandy spirit. The nose boasts subtle almonds, lychee and aniseed which slides softly over the tongue like velvet and leaves the pleasant warmth of spirit on the finish. Superb served over ice as an aperitif or after dinner with traditional Crème brulee.
-Chocolate Port
Careful blending of premium ports and the integration of rich dark chocolate have produced this superb after dinner delight. Black forest cake in a glass, beautiful dark chocolate, rich cherries and just a hint of honey and warm brand. Simply decadent!
- Roasted Macadamia Nut Liqueur
This is passible one of Australia's great liqueurs. Fantastic on it's own, an interesting twist to any cocktail or as a great after work tipple combined with milk over ice or even an amazing base for an affogato.
-Cognac and Walnut Liqueur
The warm velvety flavours of Cognac couple perfectly with the long lingering walnut finish make this the perfect partner to a platter of soft cheeses or an amazing addition to any cocktail cabinet.

4. Organic Lingzhi Powder
It is purely organic Ganoderma lucidum (Lingzhi), with a slight bitterness but a pleasant and sweet after-taste. It is pure and natural, your new choice for health.
Package :1.5g×15 sachets
Shelf Life : 36 months
Directions: Put one sachet into your favourite cup, add hot water, stir and enjoy
Storage : Keep in dry and cool place;

5. Lingzhi Latte 21g X 15

Reshi Mushroom/Lingzhi Latte-4 in 1 Instant Coffee with Organic Ganoderma Lucidum Extract -Rich In Taste and Excellent Flavour- Improve Appetite, Stress Relief

Lingzhi Latte Coffee is a delicious blend of Lingzhi and latte that can be enjoyed daily to keep you energetic. It best preserves the rich latte flavour with a very slightly bitter taste peculiar to Lingzhi

Product Highlights :
★DELICIOUS & ENERGETIC: Lingzhi Latte Coffee is a delicious blend of Lingzhi and latte that can be enjoyed daily to keep you energetic. It best preserves the rich latte flavour with a very slightly bitter taste peculiar to Lingzhi.
★AUTHENTIC INGREDIENTS: Lingzhi Latte Coffee blends premium aromatic coffee beans with authentic organic Lingzhi powder. Nutrient-rich, gluten-free, lactose-free milk used in every sachet. Only 90 calories and 2.5g of fat per serving. Our Lingzhi is 100% organically cultivated in our certified farm and has passed the USDA organic standards.
★MULTIPLE BENEFITS: Paired with Lingzhi's potential properties such as relief fatigue, immunity enhancement, sleep aid and nerves calming, this delicious mix helps keep you fit every day.
★ADDED WITH LINGZHI: Our Lingzhi coffee latte is added with the extract of organic Lingzhi, a traditional Chinese medicine that is also known as “the magic herb”. It contains the beneficial essence from Lingzhi latte coffee, which adds more nutritional value to the product compared to the rest on the market.
★REASSURING INGREDIENTS: No artificial colours, flavours, synthetic stimulants or additives.

Direction :
Pour 1 bag contents in a cup, add 150ml of hot drink,
Stir until dissolved and enjoy.
Suitable for consuming during breakfast time, delicious and nutritious.
Only 90 calories and 2.5g of fat per serving.