Wasong Vinegar

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Wasong Vinegar

$75.00 $85.00

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Rock Pine also known as Wasong comes from the Genus Orostachys. It is a succulent herb native in the mountains area of Korea, Japan and China.

For thousands of years, it has been consumed for its medicinal properties. Rock Pine contains an abundant amount of sterols. Research suggests that it decreases the absorption and synthesis of cholesterol thus result in lowering blood cholesterol levels.
During the Ming and the earlier Dynasties, the Chinese have taken this herb for malignant tumors, burns, rashes, infections, stroke, and diabetes.

Rock Pine Wasong (aka. Orostachys japonicus) may shown effect on the following:
1. anti inflammatory
2. works as an antioxidan
3. control diabetic
4. anti allergic
5. enhance immune system
Currently, some universities in S. Korea is conducting research work to explore the significance of Wasong on Breast, Prostate and Cervical Cancer.

Quantity: 500ml/bot

Ingredients: Korean Wasong (Orostachys Japonica) Vinegar 65%, Sugar Cane (Thailand) 30%, Sugar 5% (for fermentation process)

Origin of product: Korea

Consume within 1 month and keep in the fridge after opening. 

How to drink: Neat or dilute with water, milk or yogurt. 30-50 ml after meal

*If you have gastric problem, please dilute with adequate water and only drink the vinegar 2 hours after meal.